a guide to estimating how much you need


don't run out of food or drink!

some of the most important components of your event will always be related to what you are serving. most people love to eat and drink and impressive food and beverage will go along way to making your celebration a success that your guests will remember. but how do you know how much to serve? no one likes waste, but we certainly don't want to leave people hungry (or thirsty!). 

below are some 'rules of thumb'... and some notes to consider

drinks per person

the rule of thumb in events has always been '2 drinks per person' but it completely depends on the nature of your event, the time of day and your specific guests. 

most outlets, including the LCBO here in Ontario, will provide a full refund on any unopened alcohol. it is always a good idea to purchase more than you think you will need. there is nothing worse than running out of alcohol when the party is in full swing!

select the below for some guidelines and things to consider

appetizer items per person

hosting a seated dinner is fairly straightforward when it comes to how much food to serve. but what if you are hosting a buffet or cocktail-style reception with hors d'oeuvres? how much should you expect people to eat?

select the below for some guidelines and things to consider